… The Lost Coast is often overlooked by visitors because of the difficulty in reaching it; your only access is via a slow, curvy road through the Mattole River Valley, past Petrolia, and out to a piece of coast. The otherworldly beauty of the Alabama Hills, the wild dunes of Glamis, and the stark emptiness of the Mojave Desert are waiting. Dispersed camping is allowed on BLM land for up to 14 days for free, giving you plenty of time to soak up the beauty of some of California’s most striking landscapes. 4. There are some good tips online about food storage in bear country, especially using the “California” method. Perched on a bluff along Big Sur's south coast, Kirk Creek Campground is arguably one of the most beautiful coastal campgrounds in California. If you're feeling generous with your funds, you can also opt for a helicopter ride, leaving out of Long Beach and 15 minutes later landing in Catalina Island. In addition to developed areas, BLM offers dispersed camping at many sites throughout California. No matter your destination in California, chances are there is public land nearby. The campground sits 100 feet above the ocean, and this perspective offers stunning views of the Santa Lucia mountains as they run toward the Pacific. The BLM has developed public-use areas throughout the state, including dozens of recreation areas, 53 trails, 13 recreational rivers and 48 campgrounds. Dispersed campers are only allowed to stay a maximum of 14 days in any 30-day period. From the San Francisco Bay Area up the coast to the Oregon border, there are many campgrounds and even beaches that allow camping right on the sand above the high tide level. An island camping escape is a mere 50 minute boat ride away from the southern California coast. Dispersed camping on the East Coast. The trail is about Central Coast California Beach Camping: Between Santa Barbara and Big Sur, you'll find the only place in California where you can set up your RV right on the sand - that's in Pismo Beach. The following areas in the California Desert District are temporarily closed. www.totalescape.com/outside/campsites/primitive-camping-california You'll also find some beautiful places for beach camping between Morro Bay and Santa Cruz especially the state parks just south of Santa Cruz. Secluded Camping in Northern California Mattole (King Range National Conservation Area) Region: Redwood Empire Scenic rating: 8/10. Your Ultimate Guide to Backpacking the Lost Coast Trail in California - Trail Details, Camping, Permits, Weather, Tide Tables, and More | The Lost Coast trail lies along California’s beautiful rugged coastline and follows some of its most isolated and breathtaking beaches. Canisters are fine, as are Ursacks and some other bags, but if you just use a canister and don’t hang it, … Learn more. When using a dispersed camping area, the general rule is to be a minimum of at least 100-200 feet away from any road, trail or water source. Northern California has beach camping options galore. Choose dispersed camping where possible instead of developed campgrounds, where social distancing may be difficult.