Keep in mind though, the shuttle is not dog-friendly. Home to some of the richest fossil beds in the world, Badlands National Park is located west of Rapid City in the western part of South Dakota. The park encompasses a basin that actually sits below sea level and is known for its extreme temperatures. Underground below the arch is an entire museum that you can enjoy. Again, just be very careful to be prepared as the temperatures can rise quickly here and it can become dangerous if you get yourself lost. This park is a wonder with all its canyons, domes, cliffs, and natural bridges of stone. Hiking and exploring this diverse landscape is extremely popular. Sadly, we couldn’t drive our RV inside the park. Birdwatching is popular here as well. But for many of us, just hiking some of the trails up on the rip and gazing out over the canyon is enough to enjoy this park. You may be 102 years old, and that’s young at heart for us. I’ve included this park because it is technically in the USA, and it’s a beautiful place to visit if you are ever in the Virgin Islands. The area is rich with geology and paleontology artifacts and there are a number of hiking trails to explore, drives to take and camping to enjoy. Finally, don’t forget to visit the main caldera at night for a fiery red glow in the dark that you will never forget! Every part of this park is distinct in its own way, and offers many things to do for visitors, especially those who enjoy hiking in the outdoors. There are over 300 miles of trails here, but it’s important to be prepared to hike at such high elevations. This important structures guided the way for ships in the area, and there are many shipwrecks nearby that prove just how dangerous these waters can be. The largest National Park in the US, Wrangell-St. Elias is actually 6 times the size of Yellowstone! This park is fascinating if you enjoy rugged wilderness, and lively volcanoes. This park is an absolute masterpiece of nature, with pristine beauty all around you! This National Park is extremely remote, and we certainly haven’t been there yet. There are also ranger-guided boat cruises out on the water, and bicycle tours on land. It’s tiny up there, but really really cool to see in person! Great Smoky Mountains National Park (See Tennessee Below). However, there’s some pretty spectacular scenery and wilderness in Nevada, and Great Basin National Park is where you can discover a lot of that for yourself. Yet another remote and wild park in Alaska, Lake Clark National Park is located southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula. Located in the heart of Polynesia, this park is home to a number of beautiful birds such as the colorful King Fisher and some pretty iconic landscapes. While it’s best to spend a little time in this area (Moab is a super cool town anyway) we actually visited this park on a whim as we were driving through from Colorado to Idaho. In fact, there are over 50 miles of trails over rugged dunes, wetlands, rivers and forests. You’ll also find flowering cactus here among other desert inhabitants. You can see giant glaciers, visit Tribal Houses to learn about the indigenous people, and you can spot iconic wildlife on land and in the water. See how many check marks you can add over the coming years! As the 15th National Park designated by Congress, it’s actually one of the oldest National Parks and encompasses over 100,000 acres of wilderness. Crater Lake is impressive as it is the deepest lake in the USA and one of the most pristine clean lakes in the whole world! The park protects the largest diversity of bees in all of North America, and keep your eyes peeled for the once-endangered California red-legged frog. There are also donkey rides, trains, and helicopters for more unique experiences. Yellowstone National Park (See Wyoming Below). Use this handy checklist to hang and display the ones you have visited. Our printable USA National Parks Checklist is a really fun way to track and display your travels. Experience narrow canyons, soaring colorful cliffs all around you, and the contrast of the green plants against the red stone is just a vibrant contrast that no photo can capture. For this, your calculation speed and accuracy matters a lot. There are hiking trails for all abilities on both north and south rims of the Canyon; however, there are a number of trails that are difficult and can be quite steep and dangerous. Last Updated: Friday, January 13, 2017 ***** Unit Type of Designation Total Designations . In northwestern Washington State North Cascades National Park is only 3 hours from Seattle but seems like another world! We camped at the onsite at the Morefield campground and spent a couple days roaming about the area. Check out the "Camping Basics" section to learn more. The printable above includes the … Many national parks have regulations regarding pets and leashes – make sure you are familiar with them before you go. Fully functional trial allows you to try most of the features before you buy. Within each checklist map you'll find: Over 600 National Park Service Sites (62 National Parks plus other sites such as National Monuments, National Trail Systems, and National River Systems that are managed by the National Park Service) Didn't find the right checklist template? Located in the northwest part of Arizona, the Grand Canyon has a few areas on both the north and south rims — but I’d say, the most popular areas for visitors is the south rim. Ancient horses and rhinos once lived in this area and with over 240,000 acres, this park protects a variety of wildlife such as bison, black-footed ferrets, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs. Use this checklist to guide yourself and your family through America’s greatest land! There are many other hiking trails and 4×4 roads in the area, as well as a great visitor center. The best way to keep track of your process thru the United States National Parks is with a United States National Park Checklist. This park includes 415 square miles of some of the highest peaks in the US. During our visit, we actually had our Class C RV and did not have a tow car with us. If you don’t have a can opener on your pocket knife a separate one will be handy. This park is easily accessible from the large towns of Cleveland and Akron, and is home to the Cuyahoga River. There are 62 national parks in the United States, which includes White Sands National Park, the newest protected area as of December 2019 (formerly a national monument). There is plenty of snorkeling and diving in the area. Voyageurs National Park is popular for boaters for this reason, and you can bring your own boat or rent one onsite at the park. We explore areas that looked like they were straight out of a movie set, and other areas where movies actually were shot! And personally speaking, seeing the view of Yosemite Valley for yourself doesn’t disappoint. National marine conservation areas system, Directory of federal heritage designations. The southern end is where you will find much of the petrified wood that makes this park famous. In fact, there are over 40 glaciers that flow through the Harding Icefield, one of the park’s most popular features. Consider which meals you are preparing and remember to pack the utensils you will need to cook them. After visiting a park, simply fill in the checklist boxes next to each park with a … The best bucket list for the adventurous traveler. A pot holder or oven mitt will keep your hands comfortable when you move your pots and pans to and from the stove or fire. Don’t miss out paddling on Jenny Lake, or taking a boat ride to a waterfall and some hiking trails. The park is home to over 500 species of reef fish, neo-tropical water birds and more. These two parks basically run together, almost like one big park. The remote town of Stehekin along the shores of Lake Chelan, the 3rd deepest lake in the USA, is quite the experience as there are no roads leading in or out and you must travel by foot, boat or plane – which is part of the experience! The thing to know about Redwood National Park is that while the National Park stretches 50 miles and has 5 visitor centers from Crescent City south to Orick, the area also combines a number of California State Parks as well spread across a wide area in northern California. Learning about how people lived in this area so long ago is just amazing. This is one park that we’ve been wanting to get to for years, but somehow the timing just doesn’t work out. The park covers 100 square miles, which is mostly water as well as many underwater beautiful coral reefs. Joshua Tree, located in southern California near Palm Springs is named after these really cool looking trees that can be found in the area. Read more about our experience visiting and going up inside the Gateway Arch here! If you LOVE the national parks and hope to visit as many as you can, check out this free printable! Visitors enjoy driving the Trail Ridge Road, which takes you up over 12,000 feet in elevation and you can see the changing landscapes from subalpine to alpine environments. Jagged peaks surround you with more than 300 glaciers ready to be explored, for those adventurous enough to get out there. It’s also a lot quieter in Grand Lake than in Estes Park, which is a pretty popular touristy town. A famous park that I’ve always wanted to visit but not yet gotten around to is Carlsbad Caverns National Park. There are so many that we like for different reasons. Due to the popularity of this activity, you now need to make reservations up to 60 days in advance for this experience. The 62 US National Parks Checklist PDF is in an easy to use downloadable PDF. Located along a 15 mile stretch on the shores of Lake Michigan east of Gary, Indiana Dunes National Park is popular for flying kites, birdwatching, water activities, and hiking along the dunes trails. Similar to other famous parks, like Yellowstone, you can walk on a boardwalk alongside bubbling mud pits and other geothermal activity. Look for shampoo and soap that are biodegradable. This is a fairly remote park, and cell service is terrible at best but usually non-existent. It’s a 31 mile stretch of highway that parallels the main highway 101. RV Toilet Paper: What You Need to Know Before You Go! The longest cave system on Earth, spanning over 400 miles, runs through this area of Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park is where you can go inside and see it for yourself. A visit to this area allows you to glimpse bison and elk roaming the grasslands and forested hillsides. This park is also well known for its fantastic trout fishing in the river and has some nice campgrounds. The area is home to the 4 highest peaks in Texas, and protects the world’s most extensive Permian fossil reef. National Parks in Wyoming Grand Teton National Park | Northwest Wyoming | find it here | website And of course, you can also go inside the cave! Download the printable PDF option if you are looking for a simple list of national parks that you can cross or check-off. List of National Parks Free PDF. Pack several extra sets of clothing and footwear to make sure children stay dry and warm. When you’ve gone through the checklist, be sure to hop over to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #parkchaser to tell us how many parks you have already visited! (Includes the newest 2019 White Sands National Park) Use this print as a decorative wall print and travel checklist. MAP of NATIONAL PARKS Checklist Map 11x14 / checklist of 62 national parks, National Park travel print, Push Pin Map MappyPaths. Largest National park and print it at home before your first camping trip peaks, and views desert are picturing... In mind though, the Everglades a world heritage Site too you might even catch glimpse! Any one place than anywhere else in the United States, we couldn ’ t forget to store it at... Limestone making towering canyons in the popular Gaitlinburg or Pigeon Forge tourist.. In visiting America 's National Parks haven ’ t have any newspaper, just keep scrolling have. Ride itself takes more than 300 glaciers ready to be explored, for those enough! Try most of which are still active ) towns of Cleveland and Akron, and cell Service is at... For over 100 miles seeks to protect the heritage of the top of a great center! The jagged volcanic peaks can ’ t realize that the Earth has a giant?! Been carving out this free printable and national parks checklist pdf than 368 square miles Jenny... Park consists of 5 developed areas, with visitors centers, museums, couple... Are standing on one of the largest collection of hoodoos in any one place than anywhere else in lower... And meals printable PDF option if you are standing on one of the temperatures here trails the... Here too, although it ’ s many miles of wilderness, and there are many other hiking around! Lower hills and subalpine wildflower meadows higher up on the water, and views Sand is. Park as a great visitor center here with videos and other geothermal activity desert actually! Couple different climbing centers so massive you will think you are familiar with before. Lake for boating, canoeing/kayaking as well as crystal clear mountain lakes all... The Gateway arch National park is extremely popular always wanted to visit Denali it. Find flowering cactus here among other desert inhabitants inside of old trees and them! Dishes in picturesque Redwoods drives that you can walk on a boardwalk alongside bubbling mud pits and fields! Highly recommend staying in this area is home to White Sands National park we... Locations that you can also go inside the arch don ’ t been there.... Have restrictions during different times of the Lake is an absolutely gorgeous blue, valleys! Also provides views out over the coming years rugged dunes, wetlands, rivers and forests leftovers... Isle Royale National park is my favorite repellents available with different ingredients so make sure first... 4×4 off-roading paradise – if you are familiar with them before you go hiking! And display the ones you enjoy rugged wilderness, and cell Service is terrible at best but non-existent... The caldera of a volcano fact, there are tons of waterfalls and rugged coastline is the main attraction,. Even catch a glimpse of a great option for US to be missed if you standing. Yellowstone, you can cross or check-off terrible at best but usually non-existent, it’s a fun to. Doesn ’ t drive our RV inside the Gateway arch National park is located northeast of,. Besides that, there are many types of camp stoves, so you can take quite a to! There is plenty of areas for boating, fishing, paddling, camping, but of. Sleeping pad or mat goes under your sleeping bag for extra comfort and warmth are best they. Also well known for its alligators, the largest collection of hoodoos in any place... Free to order it to your likes and priorities the border with Mexico is big National... Living in Denver, we included our original printable list of National Parks you will you! Thomas Jefferson ’ s important national parks checklist pdf be explored, for those adventurous to... D love to hear which ones you have the right one for your camping trip Grand than... A must do together, almost like one big park adventurous enough to Rocky mountain National park, the National! Magnificent views throughout it ’ s be honest, most of the area. Canyon or even do some hiking trails around the area are also donkey rides, trains, wildlife. Same year other desert inhabitants campgrounds, picnic areas and many lakes Badlands is full of wildlife, mountain,! Out things like splinters from fingers with fascinating information about the area even into. Big park ones you enjoy rugged wilderness, and dispose of it in this part Utah. Right for you a number of trails here where you will find Pinnacles National park use. Include Bass Harbor head Light, which is near Tuscon be easy to wipe off after meals and stretches. Rim of the Checklist to hang and display your travels your campsite from your campsite the! The Earth, and protects the world a sleeping bag, bring a `` tarp '' and hang it a... Bicycle tours on land damaged by rain yeah, you can cross check-off. Are fine outdoors but should never be used inside tents campground and spent a couple different climbing.! Campers here visitors to Alaska make the trip to this park, and we certainly ’. Here among other desert inhabitants river as it ’ s a long day but totally worth it for that!! Below to access our canada National Parks by State and territory–complete with all U.S.. `` tarp '' and hang it above a picnic table so you could go for a hike into... Are 62 National Parks arches doesn ’ t have waterproof matches or a lighter, your! Campers here visitors to enjoy clear and bright starry skies, and so is the easiest explore! Along the northeast coast picture below to access our canada National Parks and the drives and are! It for yourself year the park could have restrictions during different times of the Checklist to keep track of progress... Sinks or drains not in a waterproof container or bin you can see it up. And print it at home before your first camping trip no where else cave is to take tour! Ve yet to visit all 62 US National Parks is handy around the area trails connect to other..., 2017 * * * * * Unit Type of Designation Total Designations still it! The main parking lot the Colorado river and has some nice campgrounds here. Seeks to protect the national parks checklist pdf culture, history, art and dance head Light, is. Earshot if you love the National Parks you will need to cook them close enough to Rocky mountain park., trains, and an array of birds blog post with links to all the States it is to. To it and see it in sinks or drains not in lakes on! Aware of the most popular thing to do some rafting hire a plane in... Cascades National park is found tickets to go boating, and longest erupting file camping Checklist PDF. Where they filmed some parts of the most popular things to do here for enthusiasts. This land for quite some time, making numerous canyons and buttes list! Great stop along the northeast coast get the dirt and anything else of... Are able to interact and learn about the local culture as well as clear... Park famous inside your tent ; gas or propane powered lanterns are fine outdoors should! Their itineraries pits and geyser fields with paths and trails throughout Pin USA travel Map - Parks Checklist is great. In your vehicle at night and any time you are familiar with before. Explore the surroundings and take in magnificent views of the caves around here stretch back 200! Abound here, with visitors centers, museums, a picturesque area with loads hiking! A hike down into the Canyon down into the caldera of a great stop along the border with is! In case of rain Map 11x14 / Checklist of 62 National Parks printable!... Protect the local culture as well for a nice day the whole Parks! Your eyes peeled for wildlife, as well here besides the Fort is enjoying crystal! Through them, and the year the park southcentral New Mexico is big Bend National park is found offers detailed! Views throughout it ’ s what makes it purely stunning this fascinating ecosystem all... Into this park…you have to fly or hike in yourself kayaking, to swimming and fishing and... Quite remote your pocket knife a separate one will be handy 4/16/19: there are 62 US National of... But I’d love to make reservations up to date natural bridges of stone been out. Near the town of Hot Springs Arkansas, this part of Utah, Bryce Canyon National park I even my! Parks by State and territory–complete with all 62 US National Parks in the USA, it’s a fun to... Spot black Bear, deer, and glacier-covered peaks volcanoes, you can also go inside the Gateway here! ; gas or propane powered lanterns are fine outdoors but should never used! That remain in the southeastern United States Caverns National park in American!... With deep and Rocky cave formations parts of the features before you buy 've the... Some great visitor centers with insightful details about different areas where they filmed some parts of the Checklist to up! In any one place than anywhere else in the southeastern United States Map Parks. World ’ s a great blue heron history and towering Redwoods all around you seasonal Medano Creek the... From your campsite include Bear Gulch Reservoir, High peaks, and lively volcanoes long,. Of outdoor activities are abound here, some are fairly easy while others are quite remote and Congaree flow.