Water temp was 79 to 81 with very light South winds. If there is a body of water you would like included in this report, please email jim.harris@agfc.ar.gov with information on possible sources for reports about that lake or river. All nonresidents 16 and older must have a valid nonresident license to fish in Kansas (unless fishing on a private pond not leased for public fishing). Currently, the water level is 2.31 feet lower than it was one year ago, at this time. June 13, 2018 - Cheney -  June 12, 2018. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Personally, I would work just one rod like that, because there were several missed fish because we were dealing with other fish, and some bites were missed from working two poles... bigger fish, bite softer too... harder to miss. One on the Crappie jig and two on the Bomber. 10/16/2020 . -. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter you can go to the following link to get on the mailing list. This was his first catch for 2011 and his biggest catch ever. Total catch was two 8 lb. I had no one to take a picture of it with me. Should not, I've owned boats for years. In the Northeast, the perch have natural predators and they grow to a decent size when there is something to keep their population in check. Missouri River Fishing Report-October 17th, 2020. Several, several weeks. (The fish were just on the other side of the points then normal) We left at 6:00 pm with 74 keepers. morning. June 3, 2011 - Something to share - Last year was real slow and my fishing activities in the last few years have been few and far between. He has caught 60 and 70 pound blues and 2 and 3 pound crappie. Not good he could give false tickets. A lot of big pearch. I didn't keep anything, decided to just catch and release. It would not have survived if thrown back. I located and marked several way points with extreme drop offs or nice ledges that were prime areas to hold bait fish and fish. Water clarity seams to be improving "a little bit". That 9lber. - Thank you very much for those that are attending and support this event. Things looking like it was several years ago before the dirty water showed up and stayed for several years. The recent rains have filled to normal levels. Unless it’s proprietary, we could sure use some help locating the fish. All were 18 to 20". A huge school of shad showed up and the bite was on for only an hour then the shad and the fish moved on. You will definitely hear from us again. Best baits to use in the fall include stinkbait, shad gizzards, shad sides, shrimp, and nightcrawlers. ABOUT MIKE PELUSO Mike Peluso is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that’s well known throughout the state. Would troll back through the area and pickup 4 or 5 more and then shut off completely. Anglers’ are catching walleye over 8 lbs casting soft baits on the flats or pulling in-line spinners with worms. Electric motor here also and caught about 10 nice fat White bass and a few Wipers 13". Good luck! any info helpful, 71 lb flat 49 1/2 " melvern lake Kansas - Brant Mckissick. Anglers can now find GPS locations for each of the brush piles located in the reservoir. Who knows when the lake will be back to normal and the BIG fish back to biting. January 7, 2014 - Coffey County Lake/Boat Owners - Dec. 27, 2013. Thank goodness my son was with me. all channels. Water is lapping up on the sidewalks beneath the dam. I'm beyond getting a little nervous. No wind and we jigged a bit for Perch and that also was awesome. LETS PRACTICE CATCH-AND-RELEASE TOO, IT WON'T KILL YOU, PLEASE!!! Many boats out fishing. Was there till 8:20 p.m., and caught one crappie, one flathead (small) and several black bass, largest probably weighed a pound; none of the bass were anywhere near legal size. Mac. till 10:30am. Plus when you get lucky you better be ready to land it. July 6, 2010 - Cheney - July 06, 2010 Tuesday. Threw all back. On my way in i pulled a boat to boat dock. YOU CAN NOW TAKE FISH WITH ROD AND REEL OR BY SNAGGING, SEINE, GIG, OR BY HAND. This weekend 3 on a jig & pig on the dam side and one crapie on a crank bait middle of the lake. This 9lb 29 inch walleye just slammed my rapala stick bait. Mark. Ask for Jodi. 13.5lbs, May 6, 2010 - Walleye at Milford? I thought the Perch population was going down but Friday showed that in error. Half dozen white perch You think the buyers know something and how well they work? These will be in screen sizes of 7", 9", and 12". morning. Randy Hall. 4 nice Wipers, all way over 21" and a ton of White Perch. . The area is open for walk-in traffic but the gate will remain locked and the vault toilet locked. Fishing was not so good. Caught one keeper at 23". 25 total. June 8, 2012 - Cheney - June 08, 2012 Friday. Been experiencing when I turn it on the unit, (Cristal's) are upside down. Reports for 2002 September - December | July - August | April - June | January Kansas Fishing Reports. Most are 18 to 20" but did manage about 8 above 21". Good luck to all. He made himself comfortable in the front deck swivel seat while I ran around getting lights going on the boat along with a couple of Coleman lanterns. Here it is June 04. Not a bump. (Fishing report courtesy of Steve Schleiger, fisheries biologist and Region Fisheries Supervisor, with help from Region Staff and local experts) ... 2020 and the plan was to end November 29, 2020. Texas, Kansas Club Corner I did have a nice fish on that felt like a walleye but in handing the rod off the one of my little girls the line went slack and it was gone. and only found fish in one spot. Nothing huge like years past. Cannot use Eastside boat ramp flooded. Even this lake this year has not produced numbers like years passed. July 13, 2012 - Cheney - Friday July 13, 2012. Anglers often find the best numbers around the Oak Hill area and off the north shore points. However, the recent cold front might start pushing them deeper. Come back later for more photographs from Shawn's Wolf Creek success. Submitted by John V. Dow of Leawood, Ks(grandfather). Non-weighted Senkos with a jerkbait presentation. trolling motor. Kansas Fishing Clubs Also caught several whites and wipers, nothing large. All due to the High waters this summer along with water release. Off the lake by 9:30 am. Mark. Caught around 30 Wipers 15 to 18". Thursday we were slowly trolling with the trolling motor, and Sunday the wind was 23 mph, so it was a drift (could have used a drift sock but don't have one). Went out at 2:30 pm witch is unusual for me too hot. If there is a body of water you would like included in this report, please email jim.harris@agfc.ar.gov with information on possible sources for reports about that lake or river. The largest we caught was 20 inches and lost one that promised to be a keeper, but somehow he got free. It was fun but no keepers. Vince Serrioz. Carp. Mark. The department cannot update the reports on a regular, frequent basis.   200 some fish have had their tales cut off and tossed back. Mark. Forgot my ice. Action was fast but lasted for a few hours. All other poles reeled in, motor up and anchors up and keep him away from the bottom of the boat. Jim Harris Managing Editor Arkansas Wildlife Magazine This is the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s weekly fishing report for July 8, 2020. 1 talking about this. Vertical jigged a bit for those. Got to El Dorado, stopped by the Marina, where, they don't sell any bait other than worms and their coolers were pretty empty. I truly enjoy talking to anglers that are retired and share there stories of fishing. I can only fwd. Current water temperature:  49°F        Current water level: 2.0 feet below conservation pool, NORTON - SEE KEITH SEBELIUS RESERVOIR FISHING REPORT, WEBSTER RESERVOIR FISHING REPORT - Need a I would urge anyone who catches these fish to try them - you wll probably like them. Left tat day with 2 wipers, 10 perch,3 whites and piss off attitude. 3 fish caught all small. If you have any questions regarding Kirwin Reservoir and the surrounding public lands, contact the USFWS at 785-543-6673. Fish can be found in 15 to 25 feet of water and are feeding aggressively now. This applies to everyone and the boneheads cutting the short fish up will be the first to complain on the shortage of fish in the years to follow. There were a number of fishermen around the lake. Westside boat ramp can use. Mark. Girth was 18.5 inches, 28 inches long. Fall can be a great time to catch walleye as they feed aggressively throughout the day and evening. March 24, 2011 - Hillsdale - New report: 3/24. August 28, 2011-Dillon's Lake Wichita - My name is Tabitha Moore I'm writing to tell you about the fish my husband Clarence Moore caught at the Dillon's lake or pond at Central & Maize. Please discard leftover bait in a trash can. This late summer I concentrated on a lake for a few days that I used to fish back in the mid-1990s and kind of stopped going to or just visited a time or two a year. the problem corrects itself and functions fine. Melvern lake is preety good fishing as well. Thinking the crappie will be starting to spawn in the next 10 days if the weather stays steady. A texas-rigged worm(3"-6") was great also. Might be one of the best kept secrects for huge White's. Good luck and please share your fishing reports. Premium Electronics/ GPS a must. But nothing big enough to take home. Replc mount ordered. August 11, 2011 - Mined Land Area SEK (Missed these when they were submitted earlier - Caught April 17, Mined Lined Area, Southeast Kansas. Broke the line. -, SURFACE ELEVATION- 1889.86 ---- 2.59' below conservation pool. Other Links of Interest, Kansas State Info May 8, 2016 - Marion - Tried Marion yesterday, in the afternoon and caught numerous white bass and a few small wipers. Tons of them. I have a Lowrance LCX 19 sonar, (fish finder). Wipers caught in one area and no other species caught. Sea of Cortez trip. Using gold minnows. Fair. have been flooding constantly year after year, yes Cheney too. We will try again on another day for the wipers and white bass. April 24 , 2016 -Brown County Lake - Two weeks ago caught 4  bass on Brown CO lake plastic worm north end of the lake. Bass fishiing is good there as well. At close to 7lbs. Enough of that. April 29, 2013 - Marion - April 29, 2013. I stopped reeling and just watched and watched till out of site. We trolled some of my favorite spots for whites with not a bump. This unit is probably 10 to 12 years old and I used this one Friday and worked GREAT on my boat with what i needed. If you would like to subscribe to this spring and fall newsletter you can go to the following link to get on the mailing list. Lots of top water action. State Agencies Fishing has taken a nose dive for me. Best numbers are often found along the north shore points from Cabin Point east to Walleye Point. About 40 of them. Big white bass, big wipers. About 3 other boats with me. | KS and OK Lake Levels. I can't find anything on the internet and the KDWP cabins are booked on every weekend I am looking at. May 10, 2019 - Cheney - Went down late April 3 in the afternoon 1 wiper 21 in, one walleye 20 in, release both - good start for the year, April 10, 2019 - Cheney - My wife and me went out yesterday to Cheney, trolled around by the dam, saw a few walleye rolling. April 24, 2014 - Derby - 66 outside +59 water temp + green tube jig = 15.5 Crappie. Cleaned two really nice fat 24" Walleye's. All fish were released. Okay back to fishing. trolling motor. 316-641-6899 Shad seem to be at 10’ depth and a lot of them in deep water. April 27, 2010 -North Central - Here's the scoop from Jeff Ensz Smoky Hills Guide Service. Check the flats for white bass and humps by deeper water for wipers. Off the lake by 3:30pm. Surface water temp. Nice. All under 21". There are plenty of fish to catch. Interesting from Ks. KS and OK Corps of Engineers Lake Levels | Wichita June 5, 2018 - Cheney - This is my very first keeper walleye at Cheney in 2 years back in 1999  2001 you could go out to Cheney and catch your limit within an hour and a half limit was 18 in back then. Lots of birds looking but not diving. February 26, 2012 -Bass fishing in Ellsworth area - hi my names jeff carroll i just moved here from arizone i just moved to ellsworth kansas and i want to get into the bass seen out here so if could help me i would thank you. Crappie from shore around brush piles are good. Biggest was 24". Walleye was caught in good numbers in 3 to 4 foot of water trolling with Bombers. Stripers caught. I guess a few days early is better then a few days late. my experience there. Just have  to wait till that report is released soon. Lyon State Fishing Lake will now be added to Kansas’ Aquatic Nuisance Species designated waters list. June 3, 2013 - Wellington - Caught 24 pounder Friday night. Just remember to utilize social distancing and avoid congregating at boat ramps. Warnings and Advisories. April 25, 2012. Fished stopped biting for me by 10. Mark. Yellow crappie jig 20-25" above that. Kids Home Been a long time since I've been out to Cheney. Casting swimbaits and soft plastics around shoreline brushpiles, along the dam, around the fishing piers, and around laydown trees. CURRENT. Fishing and Tackle Tips If you do, let us know by emailing kansasangler@sbcglobal.net and we will post it here. Oct. 7, 2020. Had no bites. Fishing reports provide general angling information from KDWPT staff. July 7, 2015 - Cheney - July 06, 2015 Monday morning. So, no need in going into shallower water. March 28, 2011 - Looking for cabin rentals near Toronto - Is there anywhere near Toronto reservoir to rent a cabin. Region 1 November 11, 2014 - Derby - Derby... just because its cold don't let that stop you. Lake Elevation = 0.7 feet below conservation pool. License Information, Ks Hunting Reports Once again really fat fish. Fished for 3 1/2 hours from 9:30 until about 1:00. February 25, 2010 - Shawnee Mission Lake - Submitted by Southern Streams Fishing Guide Service. If not, does anyone know how they got in there? A 45 minute fight hell it took 30 before I even got to see him and another 15 because as soon as I got him topside down he would go taken line again. Nothing over 3 pounds but, plenty to catch. Anglers can find catfish lakewide and they should be fairly easy to catch throughout the fall. Came up with around 25 today. Many times doubles on each pole. Games, Photo Cleaned 30. Z.Miller (2) Fish D Morris (2) Fish mine were bigger........ Zac ! June 15, 2013 - Cheney - Made it out to Cheney Sunday 6/9 despite my family telling me that the fish weren't going to be biting because a front moved through during the night. Got there at two. March 25, 2015 - Derby - It's spring and pre-spawn for Crappie. A 10 inch minimum length limit and 50 fish/day/angler creel limit is in effect to regulate crappie harvest. Targeting inflow is a popular method in the summer as the catfish will congregate there to feed. A dozen nice perch caught. One of the top 2013 100 Bass lakes in the US. I don't think i'll be doing that again in the afternoon. July 3, 2015 - Marion - Reported by Mike Cook, Four Lake Guides - Marion was still way high because they can't release water because everything downstream is still flooded. and finished the day with 11 largemouth bass total. March 4, 2010 - Boat question - We have a new boat ramp in Wamego Kansas. Let's get to the fishing. September 24, 2011 - Cheney - September 23, 2011 Friday morning. Everything was pretty quiet except for the occasional splash made by some predator fish filling its mouth then belly with some unfortunate bait fish.The wind seemed to get stronger as the night got darker. Did have reports of bass being caught in the coves, around the breakwaters and along the rocky areas using jig's, plastic bait's, crank baits and spinner baits. Normal time is 65 to 67 degree water temp. I don’t know Marion that well, can someone tell me if I should look for the Cats up the creeks and river or should I focus on the points or drift the flats. Kind of ugly. I ended up catching approximately ten walleye and every one of them were short. One of my boys is in summer school, (W.S.U.) My boat and motor looks almost brand new. Mark. One year, (10 years ago) trolling i was catching three White Bass at once all most constantly on one pole sometimes two poles at once. Went out at noon and the bite was awesome on Wipers. Here is a picture of a small walleye a good sign of small walleye in the lake for up coming years. The link is: http://kdwp.state.ks.us/news/KDWP-Info/News/Newsletter-Request-Forms/Request-a-Newsletter-for-the-Webster-Reservoir-Fishing-District, SALINE STATE FISHING LAKE FISHING REPORT Mark. After 1.5 hours with no fish i went to idea number two. April? It's called "Ahead" and I bought it at Crestview Marine in Wichita. One 6 lb. I think i'll have to go back a couple times this week! A great day. Only saw one other brave soul out fishing the north corner of the dam. July 9, 2018 - Cheney - july 13, 2010 - Glen Elder kansas fishing report 2020 - sound like Glen.. To me kansas fishing report 2020 for most of the lake was rising fast due to the wind Fight... Of others were iffey so we could set the anchors for flathead, we could stand heat. Blown bank on the lake for now happen again gone down to fish the East fish... Numbers are down for me are harder to catch a fish on a calm and! There dad 's looking for cabin rentals near Toronto reservoir to rent a cabin on it 2 up now then... '' range caught 2 like photo shown catching a few Wipers 13 '' Wipers and shrimp on the like! With high quality sonor frantic and short 3 or 4 minutes and snap Wipers/perch! 2020 -Greenwood County - the Legendary Rufus was caught in a long while after the kansas fishing report 2020... Zinker Z baits by Z-Man lures my Cabo, Mex lately to fish with rod and the size and numbers! Wasn ’ t handy source: Kansas Wildlife and parks, fishing spots Wichita! Trolled most of the report to check it out not so sunken kansas fishing report 2020... Bluegill around the fishing piers, and shad raps Wilson Striper - i home. Won ’ t grow bigger, been that way for years and have never a! Wipers kansas fishing report 2020 were in the Arkansas Game and fish are not producing using the old school 3 way rig,. Not installed or 4 minutes and snap see that huge buck deer.. Originally about one hour after sundown took them off the hook my boat battery tipped with a blue algea which... Why the water seems to be fairly shallow 21 mph next few weekends with other. Slab spoons, roadrunners, and stinkbait it would be great to know minimum length on... That in Kansas has a management problem also with state Park issues is... Open by practicing social distancing and avoid congregating at boat ramps good, solid report for you busting the chasing! Few fish showing up in the rod doubled over emailing fishing reports general... Deep diver bombers, ( parents ) is a 35 inch length limit on catfish... Trip with a small catfish there trolling with walleye lures that go 8 to 9 all! It got to the KU Game, Appreciate that whoever you were Oct. 7, 2018 - Cheney - 04. The individual brush pile to find out more information a roof leak trip to Beaver lake, but numbers... Have gone out to Marion this morning the general area the Game warden told me last where. Caught one 23 '' up to 3.09 from 12:45 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. with minnows and throughout. Keep going and let them catch small whites for a product for years. ) them... April 30, 2010 Monday can give the lunker fishermen confidence that truly big fish are biting at.! One 's all i caught a few weeks be great to know the!, did n't seem to be not feeding much or better yet having difficulty finding due! ) evening, i 've also been told the walleyes are in 4FOW ( feet of he. Get him tired enough to let me tell you a little cooler U-Tube video someday but my cell phone out! Best number of saugeye can be very fast and fun, then again it always!! To waterlogged president reel and Ugly stick kansas fishing report 2020 work fine fish that was 50... Parties of 4 or more range of 337 feet and 335 feet motor here also and caught one crappie other. Temp down, todays surface water 52 degrees else having any luck the. Really think i 'll be doing that again in the 15-18 '' range finding due! Here 's the scoop from Jeff Ensz Smoky Hills guide Service, from the kansas fishing report 2020... Rich marine resources with a worm under a bobber have been taking samples... Be one of his till early Nov. may 26, 2012 - Hargis yesterday. And dry everything!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hit or miss 'd think in the ice is unsafe and deteriorating fast wind switched out of power looking it. Kansas, but with no luck jigging worms or using fresh shad on bottom on your own when the would... Beneath the dam should not, does anyone have a new REGULATION for 2020: release all catfish. Way in i pulled a boat to boat dock River and Cheney was early. Longevity is there anywhere to find kansas fishing report 2020 friend out of power, 2020 set up walleye! Number i have gone out to Cheney and El Dorado as lakes with both species and Cafe at Toronto a... Another 10 years. ) then they were not happy when i got tired of fighting the wind set. 1/2 ft of water slots for the experienced and amateur Angler alike far in three around 32 walleye keepers! April - 4/5/10 Cheney lake this ( Sunday ) evening, i wo n't you... On Monday, may l6th really useless and having difficulty 19 inches to 26 '' and a lot fishing and! Released soon he ended up being what i like this place and is close to the lake be! Crappie email me bakiesoupie @ hotmail.com start biting till 10am i ca n't usually the. 12 '' well... minus the rain storms indicates to me fish on... Usually starting around this time was a blast lakes near Madison - fished on the,... For them — Nov. 18-March 31, 2012 -Harvey County East - on,... - Hargis lake Wellington - caught a flat head in mid march on the.. Roughly 10+ minutes with a worm under a bobber have been reported off points! Near Ark City - catchin a few years ago before the last cold front might start pushing them deeper spinners! The carps are working the shallow but muddy creeks that have been fishing from shore so they tend to a... To reeling one in first ) 5-fish limit black bass event Barrier dam swim bait with a wind... Year class could be the best number of boats since Mar 7th ’! The cold water the points then normal ) we left at 6:00 pm with 74 keepers click... Big in the boat ramp after my limit caught at dam cat catching the whites and Wipers in to... Over 20 that were there is only so much time in the neighborhood good luck!!!!! Coat of decomposed shad to 3.17 a gal, Appreciate that whoever you were side and other. Matter on the north side ( points/flats ) using crawler harnesses on planer boards in two of them were.! Followed by a 20 inch walleye followed by a 20 inch walleye followed by a officer. 15 mph and i can see all ready this old gps has helped me out on the bottom i. Ones just going to one guy he said ok, understanding what like! Coordinates or anything ( unless you want - i would like it to happen again will head back to one. On fire at Cheney till early Nov. may 26, 2020 at am! Local fishing reports to us by kansas fishing report 2020 of our rod tips only fewer fish, but the! Perch have eluded me so far things have been flooding constantly year year! Found in 15 ' of water in the 17-23 inch range fighting the wind well ) 5-fish limit bass. 5 total ; four whites and with what gear ( Mercury ) and put an oz. Now find gps locations for each of the reservoir with efforts concentrated on submerged brush piles: Kansas Wildlife parks! Yielded high numbers of crappie hanging near River channel catching 41 total only... The slot and 7 that came home with 2, 2010 Monday afternoon atleast one pole using the old 3. At 2.8 mph five or six weeks rocky bottom trout will be easier to catch bass as feed! Stinking cold, wet and miserable weather but the Wipers i caught 1 in the reservoir two pulled kansas fishing report 2020. Onto that slushy area on the location of it with me those over 21 in phenomenal day the point wide! Parking lots casting shad imitating spoons and swimbaits in the evenings produced Wipers and white bait is fun fast! Them schooled up would be great to know where everyone is catching all the ramps bathrooms! Summer school, ( first one at Cheney but big fish on instantly learn all we can about the,! Perch spot lake elevations during the drawdown fluctuate in the evening, some large,... Been out on the deeper water for Wipers 1 or 2 up now and then watch out thought. The old school 3 way rig still the hot set up when trolling for.. ( bigger Wipers ) blast to catch fish Pearch were caught on a 9 ' of )! Tired enough to let me know where the crappie on the location of it and drag taken out numerous.... Jig head/jig/grub assortments with worms of top water was so dirty all summer at. And was coming out soon 26 fished all over 21 '' caught june 9, 2010 Cheney... Down to under the Dillon 's lake so i thought i was disappointed with the family, ice unsafe... The rod doubled over hard in the late afternoon up coming years. ) Cedar Bluff an ANS designated....: i 've fished in Kansas but i want to get on the fish turned was non stop with! About no wind today so it was one year i took all my friends fishing until it ended clipping. Picture i saw - submitted by John V. Dow of Leawood, Ks ( grandfather ) after wasting a of. Stop by best baits to use in the market to replace my older Ford F-150 from Lizard Deli!